Mothers day.. 😘😘😘

May all the mothers in the universe get all the love and respect they deserve… 😘😘😘😘

Mothers are the jewels of our fathers life.. I bet,, no family is complete without the lady.

I m proud of my mother. She was a housewife yet Now she is earning. That confidence she carries Now is immencible. So guys instead of keeping ur mothers as an embarrassment lover them, bcoz they deserve that…


The Gift 😘😘😘😘

Me to “the almighty god” : you are sending me to life,,,, where is my gift

The gift is waiting for theirs, he said.

Parents are the most adorable present that anyone can get. We are very lucky to be in that list where parents are given as “TOHFA”

When it comes to inculcating habits we usually Learn just to “TAKE” when the time comes for thanksgiving “WE ESCAPE” . We can never pay the debt over us through our parents. But we can love them more, fulfill their wishes and make them proud of being there child.

Professionally m a doctor, I never wanted to be. But now I feel it is the most respectable and interesting Job. And for this I Thanks my parents.

Everybody wishes to go to “GOA”,,, I suppose with friends, but I went with my family…

Trust me that happiness on there faces,, I really felt that they are the best thing happend to me.. Guys there is nothing like embarrassment going with parents. Instead u enjoy more and make the memories of your life..

So.. My suggestion to everyone just get up, grab ur parents and take dem where they wish to. That Feeling is speechless..

They are the only one who will stay always like forever…

Love ur parents, Har cheez ka replacement ae.. Par unka nhi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


It’s better to speak, than to die unspoken. 😒

Heyiooo people today’s blog is about speaking. Here speaking I mean expressing (anyone i.e. your parents, friends or your special one).

Life is not so big and may not give you any second chance. So, just say it.

Friends are the beautiful theatre which we give to ourselves as a “free ka gift..” Kyuki Birthday gifts or gpl to sirf dost hi dete.. Losing them #soonapan in life. I lost my friends just because I didn’t considerate what they want from me and how they want me to be. There is a bad habit of thinking ourselves superior and “m always right” but life gave me another chance. They took 1/2 a step ahead and I took 4.. Wo wapis aagaye or meri Duniya phr se banagaye..

So guys don’t be the reason of your break up (to anyone) . Just understand the feeling of your partner or your friends and find a midway out and take a step ahead..

Well, I got charms back. Hope u too all get it if you have lost them.

So hurry, stand go and say what u want to u never know “Kal ho na ho”😘😘😘😘

These ladies are now back to rock my life…


Namaste, Sat sri akal, Adaab and Gud morning. I am doctor Gagandeep kaur (dentist) may be some people don’t agree to itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰,stepping fresh into the world of blogging. I wish to blog about opinions whether it’s mine or somebody’s else. The beautiful part should be how you express OR keep your logical opinion in front of peo

ple convincing them to agree to you. The beauty lies in giving or advicing someone something instead commenting bad and taunting.
So, now on we will talk about different things and try to sought out and put our views in front for the welfare of our own mind and the hopefully the country