It’s better to speak, than to die unspoken. 😒

Heyiooo people today’s blog is about speaking. Here speaking I mean expressing (anyone i.e. your parents, friends or your special one).

Life is not so big and may not give you any second chance. So, just say it.

Friends are the beautiful theatre which we give to ourselves as a “free ka gift..” Kyuki Birthday gifts or gpl to sirf dost hi dete.. Losing them #soonapan in life. I lost my friends just because I didn’t considerate what they want from me and how they want me to be. There is a bad habit of thinking ourselves superior and “m always right” but life gave me another chance. They took 1/2 a step ahead and I took 4.. Wo wapis aagaye or meri Duniya phr se banagaye..

So guys don’t be the reason of your break up (to anyone) . Just understand the feeling of your partner or your friends and find a midway out and take a step ahead..

Well, I got charms back. Hope u too all get it if you have lost them.

So hurry, stand go and say what u want to u never know “Kal ho na ho”😘😘😘😘

These ladies are now back to rock my life…


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Hello. Myself Gagandeep kaur. Professionally I am a doctor. And wishing to be a blogger now.

14 thoughts on “RULE TO SPEAK”

  1. Good going our buding blogger🀩 as u know same happened with me but finally u turn marke i got them back sometimes its gud to take step ahead… Keeep rocking and u guys stay hmesa saath saath ❀️

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