The Gift 😘😘😘😘

Me to “the almighty god” : you are sending me to life,,,, where is my gift

The gift is waiting for theirs, he said.

Parents are the most adorable present that anyone can get. We are very lucky to be in that list where parents are given as “TOHFA”

When it comes to inculcating habits we usually Learn just to “TAKE” when the time comes for thanksgiving “WE ESCAPE” . We can never pay the debt over us through our parents. But we can love them more, fulfill their wishes and make them proud of being there child.

Professionally m a doctor, I never wanted to be. But now I feel it is the most respectable and interesting Job. And for this I Thanks my parents.

Everybody wishes to go to “GOA”,,, I suppose with friends, but I went with my family…

Trust me that happiness on there faces,, I really felt that they are the best thing happend to me.. Guys there is nothing like embarrassment going with parents. Instead u enjoy more and make the memories of your life..

So.. My suggestion to everyone just get up, grab ur parents and take dem where they wish to. That Feeling is speechless..

They are the only one who will stay always like forever…

Love ur parents, Har cheez ka replacement ae.. Par unka nhi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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Hello. Myself Gagandeep kaur. Professionally I am a doctor. And wishing to be a blogger now.

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